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2012! :D

13 Jan

Hello & Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far! :D Big things are in store this year! Life changes for sure!

Yup! I just started my 2nd Quarter of college and on my 5th class. Working on finances and looking for possible places to reside in SoCal close or the OC for the near future! Exciting, Scary, Life Changing, all of the imaginable.

I’m also working on the improved Kim :) Working out and working on my resolutions that I made this year. Still working on adding some, but so far so good. What also has helped with the working out part, is this new awesome site http://www.runteamkina.com It can help yourself as well as others, check out the site you won’t regret it!

I’ll keep you all in the loop though! Thank you for supporting my dream!

<3 Kim


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