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Cinderella Themed Cake! 3.17.12

20 Mar

This cake was ordered for my God Daughters Birthday. She really loves Baby Blue and Cinderella so this was really fun because I love both of those as well.

Cinderella’s dress is cake on the bottom overlayed by Fondant that has a light blue sugar crystals embeded in the dress.

Cinderella is the main topper of this cake. Under Cinderella, it is  half Chocolate w/bananas & half yellow w/strawberries as well as whipped cream in the center. As you can see throughout my site, this is a very common type of cake. Everyone seems to really like the fact that they can have 2 different flavors and fillings and whipped cream.

The frosting of the cake is also whipped cream. The baby blue writing and decoration on the cake is butter cream. The cupcakes were made without a wrapper and just places in a fancy blue shine cupcake wrapper to give a flair symbolizing a skirt. Lastly the cupcakes were topped with sugar candies.

Oh and the little flowers on the corners are made of fondant.

I wish I had the picture of my God Daughter seeing Cinderella for the first time. It was simply priceless! She really loved her cake and I hope you do too!


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