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Cinderella Themed Cake! 3.17.12

20 Mar

This cake was ordered for my God Daughters Birthday. She really loves Baby Blue and Cinderella so this was really fun because I love both of those as well.

Cinderella’s dress is cake on the bottom overlayed by Fondant that has a light blue sugar crystals embeded in the dress.

Cinderella is the main topper of this cake. Under Cinderella, it is  half Chocolate w/bananas & half yellow w/strawberries as well as whipped cream in the center. As you can see throughout my site, this is a very common type of cake. Everyone seems to really like the fact that they can have 2 different flavors and fillings and whipped cream.

The frosting of the cake is also whipped cream. The baby blue writing and decoration on the cake is butter cream. The cupcakes were made without a wrapper and just places in a fancy blue shine cupcake wrapper to give a flair symbolizing a skirt. Lastly the cupcakes were topped with sugar candies.

Oh and the little flowers on the corners are made of fondant.

I wish I had the picture of my God Daughter seeing Cinderella for the first time. It was simply priceless! She really loved her cake and I hope you do too!

Appreciating your Bakers :)

13 Jan

Pretty darn excited that my Professor really liked my essay! I had to do a process essay (draft for the assignment) on anything I want,  so I thought why not something in my profession.

So I decided to write it on a process of making a Stargazer Lily (See Below) and she couldn’t believe how much time goes into making a flower. She said she’s now going to appreciates her bakers more! :D

I love my dream career <3

Thank you for supporting me through everything so far and what’s to come! <3 Kim


Halloween themed Cake!

8 Nov


Delivered Halloween day

Cake Specs:

Both tiers are chocolate cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries in the middle.

Both cakes are covered with blue fondant


Witch Hats & Pumpkins are made with Rice Crispies treats and fondant

Ghost is made up of a big lollipop and Rice Crispies formed on top

Head Stones are Rice Crispies covered with fondant

Leaves are just different colored fondant

Webs are hand pipped onto the cake


I hope you liked my latest creation!

The customer absolutely loved it! (Which always makes me happy :) ) They said it was nice and moist and the decorations were Amazing! The whole family enjoyed it very much!

I say another happy customer! :D <3

Can’t wait for the next creation!

Race Car & Little Girl Cupcakes!

9 Sep

Race Car cake, the design that was requested was an eraser style cake with the colors of  a Shelby Cobra 427 car, so I did just that :)


Chocolate cake w/Whipped Cream and Strawberry filling

Covered in Icing Fondant & some Chocolate accents


Little Girl Cupcakes:

I’ve never done something so complex for a cupcake let alone make more than just a standard cupcake by itself. So when I was asked to do these Little Girl Cupcakes, I was ready for the challenge after looking over the design and how to put them together.  With these cupcakes you have to have 1 regular cupcake, 1 mini cupcake, I used Fondant (which I rolled in sugar crystals) for the dress. Pretzel sticks were used for the neck and arms. The head was made with Nilla Wafers and Chocolate.

I had to make 19 of these Little Girl Cupcakes, and I was down to my last 7 and I had put them on a tray I was assembling them on and I was going to put them in the other room and it was like slow motion >_< they fell to their doom! It was almost time for me to leave and that had to happen. It was hear breaking… thank goodness my mom was there to help me out.  So It was kind of frustrating, because these aren’t just 1 minute assembly cupcakes, its like a 5-10 min per cupcake. So it did set me back a bit, but I eventually got the remaining 7 cupcakes remade and ready to place in the boxes. I was relieved that they all made it in the boxes ok.

I had to transport the Race Car and the 19 Little Girl Cupcakes an hour and 40 mins,  & If you’re a cake decorator and transport cakes that far, you know you’re always tense cuz I am. Until that cake is in the customers possession I’m tense. I’ve delivered enough cakes that far that I should be use to it, but I’m not. I don’t think that part ever goes away, lol, but it did get to the destination safely in one piece including the 19 little girl cupcakes!

Customer and Guests loved the cake and cupcakes and the Birthday Girl was happy!

Jon- “Everybody LOVED the cake and cupcakes!”

I say that’s another successful Cake Order!

<3 Kim

Guitar Cake – 8.14.11

16 Aug

This cake was my very first Guitar Cake. I was really excited to make one since I’ve always wanted to, and here was the opportunity to make it! :D This cake was for my friends Dad’s surprise Birthday Party. She wanted the cake to look like her Dad’s Guitar, So That is what I tried to do :) The sound hole is the most important part that really made it look like his guitar. It took a while to do, but overall I was happy with the Final Piece.


Cake details:
- Carrot Cake
- Filling and Frosting (Whipped Cream)
- Fondant Accents as well as around the guitar and the fingerboard

KinaCon Cakes July 9th, 2011

11 Aug

KinaCon? What is it you ask? It’s an event that brings fans of the Amazing Artist (Kina Grannis) together, but not just any fans, her Street Teamers.


This was definitely a very unique cake because I had to travel, not just assembling the cake and driving it somewhere.

I had to sculpt the Characters, sushi, the misc items and make all the sea shells prior to driving down to Southern California, where I was to bake the actual cakes.

I had stayed at my Best Friend House to make the cakes and that went well, after of course, we go to the store twice because I forgot to buy certain ingredients the first time. Thank goodness he didn’t mind going with me both times (He’s Amazing like that), I felt bad though =/.

Then it was the day to assemble the cakes. Where I was assembling the cakes it was about an hour away which is no problem, but I thought i had the whipped cream for the filling at my hotel room, but I must have forgot it at my best friends house >_< {which still as of this day I don’t know where it is} so I had to send him out to get heavy whipping cream so I could make my own whipped cream, which I don’t do often, because I found some amazing whipped cream everyone can eat (non diary). Then I forgot I had to go to the store before going to the venue for Strawberries and bananas (Yeah I had to send him out to the store again) I owe him so much now (but he wont take anything I give him).

So after all of that I finally started working on my cake, and it just seemed like one thing after another started happening no shortening, whipped cream, powdered sugar, the characters/items started cracking or breaking (they had a very long travel to Southern California and all around too), fondant sticking to the spirits were definitely low for decorating these cakes.


Kind of going off topic, but My Best Friend had been there from the very beginning, From the designing, baking, storing and transporting the cakes, as well as decorating (support). He knew how stressed I was because things were going wrong left and right. He came in the kitchen about every 30 mins to come check how I was doing, give me encouraging words, and that It’ll come out great and that they’ll love it… and a hug. After each time he came in and did all that… I just got the “Can do Anything” Attitude and it kept me going till the next time something happened and then he’d come in and lift my spirits again. I seriously Don’t know what I would have done without him there. I give him a ton A TON of credit for these cakes, because if I did it alone… my stress would probably have overcome the ideas I had when something went wrong, but instead I got the positiveness and feelings that i needed to finish these cakes with success. So THANK YOU! <3 (not sure if he reads this or not so yeah lol)


I know this whole Blog is all over the place…I’m sorry…I just want you to know that yes there are obstacles when you’re cake decorating, but you can always over come them with a little help, even if its a quick talk and hug. :)


So Below this is all of the logistics of the cakes:

Cake #1

  • Top Tier- Yellow w/Heavy Whipping Cream filling w/Strawberries (Covered in white fondant (it has a texture kind of like sand (I had to use smaller pieces than 1 big piece of fondant because I didn’t have shortening/ powdered sugar so it didn’t stick to the table, so I used Press and Seal {which it didn’t stick to} and it actually worked out, because it gave a nice sand texture). The KinaCon logo was an edible image that I had made {store} I had pipped a pearl/slanted seashell type around the top tier, accented with white Chocolate Seashells (that were hand luster dusted for perfect color) Top had a hand make “Guitar Girl” (Kina’s logo in a way) out of Fondant, accented with a White Chocolate mic painted and an Umbrella out of Fondant, written and detailed with Royal Icing.
  • Bottom Tier -Chocolate w/Heavy whipping Cream filling w/bananas (Covered with Golden Yellow dyed Fondant (it has a texture same as above, same technique) Board is just a silver covered board w/ Pipping Gel {I colored myself} and then some accented White Chocolate SeaShells (that were hand luster dusted for perfect color) around the Tier as well as in the water.

Cake #2

  • Chocolate Cake w/Heavy whipping Cream filling w/ 1/2 bananas 1/2 Strawberries , Covered with White Fondant (Same Textured technique used as above) Sushi pieces, Guitar and Domo are all out of Fondant (I know I’m crazy) at the time I didn’t have rice crispies so I just made it full of Fondant..It was definitely a heavy Domo… Both Domo and the Guitar took a long time to perfect. but overall it came out ok, for my first time sculpting characters :) The Cherry Blossom design was also with Fondant, except for the Branches were Chocolate Fondant (which actually tastes great, go Wilton for bringing it back!)
If you have any questions on any of the above, please dont hesitate to ask, It’s a lot to take in lol. If you made it through this whole blog… Thank you, I know it was torture reading all the non sense lol! :P
Here’s a pic of the Cakes and Kina Grannis (The person who completes KinaCon :) ) Photo By: MikeMangooooo!
I’d like to Thank everyone for the sweetest comments about the designs and taste of the cakes…and again a Huge Huge Huge Thank you to my Best Friend (You’re Amazing!!! <3) & a Huge Thank you to Kina and her Family for being our family as well and for bringing us all together! You’ve all made my life even better! <3
Thank you for supporting me and my Dreams! <3 Kim

Tier Cake Class Final!

15 Jun


As you can see this was my Final for my Tier Class, the instructions for the cake was to have a Tier Cake, meaning free creativeness on design and everything, only guideline was that we had to make a Tier cake (haha we are in a “Tier” class).

So I came up with this design, I knew I wanted to try out a flower or 2 from the set I bought and I love Stargazer Lilies, so I went with those and my favorite color is Baby Blue, so that just came to mind. (These are going to probably be my wedding colors when that day comes too lol) But yeah as for the pipping, The bottom tier was kind of random swirl with dots. I had a different design on my drawing, but I didn’t care for it when I pipped it on, so I changed it up. The Second Tier is the classic 3 dot technique elegant and perfect for a wedding. Top Tier, I wanted to still incorporate the swirl, but I didn’t really want the same design on top, so I kept the swirls and instead of dots I left those off and added a heart in the middle of the two swirls. Then I added the Flowers onto the cake :)
Top Tier -French Vanilla Cake (Pineapple filling) covered in Satin Ice Fondant
Second Tier – Yellow Cake (Pineapple filling) covered in Regular Fondant
Third Tier – Devils Food (Vanilla filling) covered in Satin Ice Fondant

Stargazer Lilies are all handmade & hand painted out of Fondant.

The teacher loved my flowers and my cake & how organized and thorough I was in my design with a Drawing and notes on what to do on my cake as well. I’m really proud of this cake!

I know I’m meant to do cake decorating & designing them. I have that drive and passion! And soon, my little out of my home business will be something big! I can’t wait for that to happen! So to all my customers so far and all my future customers, I want to Thank you  for giving me the opportunity to make your memories taste good and for putting me that much closer to my Dream!


I hope you like the Cake Design & Cake from my final :D

Like, Share and Comment :)

<3 Kim

Oh yeah this was my first time trying the fillings like this, my cakes traditionally have been Strawberries and or Bananas its been a favorite among my customers.

The Pineapple filling I will be adding to my fillings, as for the vanilla, I myself don’t care for the flavor of it, I’d rather go with maybe a pudding type of vanilla (which I’ll try one of these days :). If you ever want me to try out a filling, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m trying to experiment with different fillings so I can have a bit a variety to choose from :) Thanks again! <3

Graduation Cake

1 Jun

I was really proud of this cake! 5.28.11

Board is covered in Fondant & imprinted with Stars. Daisies are handmade out of fondant.

Top Tier is Yellow Cake with Strawberry & whipped cream for filling & covered with Marshmallow Fondant & Accented with a Fondant Bow imprinted with daisies.

Bottom Tier is Chocolate cake with  Bananas and whipped ream filling & covered with Marshmallow Fondant & Accented with Daisies and pipped Vines and Rope Border.

I was even given an applause on how great the cake looked and taste, so I say this is another Success!

Daisies for Graduation Cake

26 May

  I’m really loving these Daisies, I bought a new little toy that makes the imprint of the center of the daisy, now it officially looks like a real Daisy! :D

This weeks cake is a Graduation cake more details on Events Page

Wedding Cake!

16 May

My 1st Wedding Cake was a Success!

-3 Tier (Strawberry, Lemon, & Marble )

-Frosting- Buttercream & filled w/buttercream

-Accented w/ Hearts & 3 dot technique & Black and Burgundy Ribbon around Tiers as well as a bow

While Transporting, there were some damages, but I recovered  and fixed the cake and the Bride and Groom Loved the cake, the taste, and the moistness. So I count this as another Success!  Here’s to a step closer to my Dream!


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